Arrital Cucine

The kitchen is not a place to consume food. It is the space of living. It is K (Kitchen) Culture.

Talk by Arrital comes from Arrital's Kitchen culture philosophy, a vision open to contamination, creativity and storytelling.

If we are what we eat according to the German philosopher Feuerbach referring to the influence of food on our body and health, but also on our conscience and way of thinking, then Arrital also represents what it has always designed, produced and sold: the world of the kitchen.

The kitchen as a product but above all as a habitat, as a space for living and relating.
Arrital was founded in 1979 and for almost 40 years has accompanied generations in the most lived-in place in the home: the kitchen, the space of moments and emotions. For Arrital, too, the years have marked the evolution of design and styles, but the company has always invested in product industrialisation, technology and human resources. Since 2011 Arrital has been repositioning itself towards the medium-high segment with a branding policy based on quality, design and strong personality. International awards and recognitions are testimony to this important path.