Passion for family, for new ideas, for every project that becomes a piece of furniture, for every material that is transformed into an object, for the rough sea blown by the wind and for everything that is a symbol of an evolving reality.

This and much more have animated the human and professional story of Giorgio Cattelan, founder of the company, today one of the world leaders in the production and distribution of furnishing accessories.
The youngest in a family of seven brothers, the son of a well-known carpenter from Thiene, a small town in the province of Vicenza, Giorgio Cattelan has always breathed in the scent of wood and cultivated the art of creating furniture.
A tradition that still continues today in five of the seven brothers, albeit in different areas of expertise.

CATTELAN ITALIA was founded in 1979 from an idea of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, who started proposing small complements characterised by the design and tactile strength of marble. Tables of different sizes, designed especially for foreign markets.
In 1989, to meet the growing market demand, the Collection was expanded to include dining tables, chairs, bookcases and other accessories. Every material, from wood to glass, from leather to metal, is moulded with taste, style and great attention to comfort.
With the acquisition, in January 2011, of the famous Florentine company ARKETIPO, known worldwide for the prestigious refinement of its products, CATTELAN ITALIA enters the world of upholstered design.
"The home is the symbol of cherished things," Giorgio Cattelan likes to repeat, "a world where everyone surrounds themselves with elements that are welcoming in form and substance. Because beauty, for me, is above all the functional".

Nowadays CATTELAN ITALIA is a constantly evolving reality. Established in 140 countries around the world, the most important corners worldwide include London, Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, Panama, Dubai, the single-brand stores in Munich, Shanghai, Sydney, Melborne, Manila, Tel Aviv, Ivory Coast and Hong Kong. The Venetian company continues to open new markets and consolidate the most strategic ones. A distribution network without frontiers that relies on the support of numerous agents operating with great professionalism in the various continents.
CATTELAN ITALIA continues to expand its presence at major international trade fairs such as Milan, Cologne, Valencia, Moscow and others.
Its main strengths, in addition to a collection of versatile, functional and above all saleable products, are the decision to invest in its brand image. A decision supported by a strong and consolidated entrepreneurial and financial solidity.

Just as form follows function, the brand becomes the distinctive element, the seal that guarantees not only quality but also authoritativeness in style choices.

For CATTELAN ITALIA, the sense of living and furnishing comes from spontaneity and refinement, but is enriched with new values. Design, but not only: creating a life style that beyond the functional and the beautiful arouses emotions suggested by research.
CATTELAN ITALIA represents the charm of the essential that is expressed through furniture, complements, non-colours, materials as solid as the history of the Company.