Sofas, beds and armchairs inspired by the 'Homa soft home' philosophy, Désirée's attitude is to interpret and convey emotions and sensations. Each product, comfortable, refined, with a distinctive design, is rich in its own uniqueness. Every detail expresses its own reason and is executed with skilful care.

Producing quality for us means using guaranteed and certified materials, with attention to sartorial detail and 100% made in Italy workmanship.

Désirée has been the upholstered furniture brand of Gruppo Euromobil since 1995. The company, which has been active in the Treviso area in Tezze di Piave since 1968, produces sofas, armchairs, beds and furnishing accessories such as carpets and poufs, which embrace the "Home soft home" design philosophy, a special attitude to interpreting and recreating the welcoming and convivial atmosphere typical of the home environment. Each product is designed to be comfortable but also refined, with a design that is always distinctive and rich in uniqueness.