Ditre Italia

The design that distinguishes Ditre Italia products is the result of an observation that goes to the essence of objects and proposes new ones, ready to be experienced. We like to think that those who choose Ditre Italia choose not only an exclusive product, but a way of understanding design, and with it living space.

Designwear is all this. An elective affinity.

The craftsmanship soul of our products is linked to tradition: an attitude that has accompanied us for over 40 years, along a history of manufacturing experience.

Today, when a design takes shape, it makes a world visible, made up of careful choices, patient processes carried out by expert hands and technology that makes serial what was once handcrafted.
Their vocation is not only to produce sofas. Because their work focuses on transferring, before anything else, an organic furniture project, that is, the creation of an exclusive 'interior world'. Not the sum of objects, however refined, but a harmonious whole that corresponds to a very personal vision of the home, of the whole house.