Fantin was founded in 1968 in Bannia di Fiume Veneto, in the heart of one of the most important Italian and European industrial areas.
The Fantin family, which has always been at the helm of the company, has created a reality specialised in the production of metal furniture and solutions, recognised by the market for an essential value: quality, in the sense of a synthesis between beauty and solidity, functionality and sustainability.
Metal is the material we have been working with passion for over 50 years, and from which we have gained our experience.

We design and produce our collections through continuous research and development of design solutions and skills, enhanced by the quality of machanical manufacturing, in a balance between industry and craftsmanship, production efficiency and attention to detail.

The essential design intelligently combines aesthetics with versatility.

Attractive, functional furniture that is perfect in every context: from home to office, from shop to industry.
Our aim is to help create environments where people can feel at ease, interpreting the needs and personality of those who live in them.

For all our collections, we offer an astonishing colour palette of more than 60 finishes, from neutral to intense colours, allowing for multiple aesthetic solutions.

Our purpose is to give metal a soul by means of the surface, to satisfy the creativity and dreams of our customers, even the most curious and visionary ones.