1973, FIAM, the passion, the project: it's the beginning.

From a very young age Vittorio Livi loved everything about glass, its solidity and fragility, its simplicity and complexity; he considered it an ancestral material but at the same time absolutely innovative, ecological and very practical.

In the world of furniture, glass was mainly used in the creation of small accessories or decorative objects, but for young Vittorio Livi it is a material with great potential, so his dream took shape: FIAM was born, a fusion of tradition, innovation, manual skill, design and research for a continuous commercial and cultural bet.

Glass: the unique protagonist of furnishings that amaze, fascinate, nothing marks time, their uniqueness, presence and fashion will endure forever and everywhere.

A highly qualified team of Master Craftsmen follows the various and complex processes: silvering, bending, decorating, casting, engraving, grinding and sculpting.
Each professional works in perfect harmony, is able to foresee and find various solutions to each individual case for the control of the shape and the successful operation of each object, which is made using highly sophisticated and unique technologies.

At FIAM, the Master Craftsman is considered as much the author of the piece as the Designer.
With the figure of the Designer, FIAM has no limits: it is a gamble, it is always challenging oneself to realise any idea.

FIAM collects proposals and projects, creating, if necessary, new machinery that can allow their realisation, some examples: in 1982, Massimo Morozzi proposes the Hydra table, a few years later Philippe Starck, designs the Illusion table: in the first case "Passer" the machine capable of pushing water and abrasive powder at a speed of 1.00 mt/sec. is born. for the Illusion table, on the other hand, the company had to create the machine that could reach 1,000 degrees.

For FIAM, the seventh generation of bending plants is already in the past, FIAM is constantly and unceasingly looking to the future so its challenge continues.

FIAM is open and willing to accept bold proposals, emerging figures and the newest innovations in technology and materials at any time ...

FIAM the magnificent dream continues!