Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy, back in the early 1960s, to foster a passion for the study and use of crystal in furniture.

Made in Italy

Gallotti&Radice thinks, creates, transforms and produces entirely in Italy. The finished product expresses excellence, quality in details, finishes and shapes. This is possible thanks to the experience the company has reached gradually over the years, always growing with a precise purpose: to produce items designed to last over time.

The connection with the territory

Gallotti&Radice respects the territory in which it works and also pays particular attention to the choice of suppliers, which can be defined as 'Km 0' as most of them are located in the important Brianza district, where the furniture industry has been working with skill and excellence for years.

Attention to the environment

Crystal, aluminium and steel are the main materials that characterise Gallotti&Radice production (100% recyclable material). One of the most significant advantages of crystal in terms of sustainability is that, unlike many other materials, it can be endlessly recycled.