Pacini & Cappellini

Pacini & Cappellini's story is born from many passions: wood, the home, living understood as an aspect of everyday life that is essential for people's well-being. Starting from these foundations, for more than thirty years, the company has been producing and distributing furniture and furnishing complements for the home and community all over the world: tables, chairs and armchairs, bookcases and consoles, as well as cupboards and TV stands, made entirely in Italy.

The desire to look to the future, together with the will to ensure continuity for the company, was realised in the 1990s with the entry of their sons, Luigi, Roberto, Moreno and Giorgio. The idea behind the new leadership is to keep the traditional values firmly in place - embracing their fathers' creativity, passion and spirit of research - while introducing substantial novelties.

Since 1982 Pacini & Cappellini has made use of new technologies and industrial processes, and the valuable contribution of a team of designers who have created products that have become icons, such as the TV stands designed by Fabio Rebosio for the Screen collection, or the Plurimo table created by Hanno Giesler.