Riva 1920

Once upon a time in 1920, we are in Brianza, in a small workshop in Cantù, a quiet craftsman works wood daily with much love and respect. His is an art, simple furniture of refined elegance. This craftsman was Nino Romano.

The years pass and the work continues with more and more dedication, continuously enhancing the production processes.

In 1992, Riva 1920 presents its first collection at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. On this occasion, Riva 1920 makes itself known in Italy and abroad, and is an inevitable success.

Entrepreneurial intuition, collaborations with internationally famous architects and the entry into the company of the fourth Riva generation, more united than ever before, have started the evolution towards new markets, new horizons in full respect of the company philosophy that combines functionality, aesthetics of shapes, without forgetting the importance of healthy and sustainable living.

In addition to American reforestation woods, the company introduces reused woods such as the millenary Kauri from New Zealand, Briccole from the Venice Lagoon and Cedar from Lebanon; in fact, wood is a renewable but not infinite resource.

2010 saw the construction of the impressive Riva Center building, completely covered in larch wood, with a 1200 square metre showroom that enhances the essence and uniqueness of the products and a first floor dedicated to the Wood Museum with over 4000 pieces on display.

Riva 1920, love for nature, search for a high quality of life, combined with tradition, culture, creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and technology give life every day to something special, unique and timeless: this is the furniture signed Riva 1920.

Riva 1920, real natural wood; Riva 1920 guarantee of a totally Made in Italy product.