Desiging together your spaces

Arredamenti Martinel is able to provide to the customer a complete, on time and quality service thanks to our professional staff, trained and with a build up experience.

The customer is welcomed into our showroom and after a careful briefing in which we want to understand all the needs and requirements, we move on to the design phase with 2D floorplan and 3D photorealistic renderings.

The clarity of the initial discussion is fundamental because it allows the designer to be able to understand the needs of the costumers and to carry out his work in the best way.

The design phase move forward with the vision of the products chosen with a precise study of color combinations and fabrics.

The site survey in the customer's home is a fundamental step that allows the designer to be precise with the measurement in the project and thecnical.

In addition to the furnishings, the designer will follow everything that includes the home from floors, plasterboards and paintings to any joinery, up to the lighting and the curtains studies.

The customer is also followed in the assembly of the furniture which takes place with a highly professional, competent and long-experienced fitters.

When the work is completed, a survey form is prepared in which the customer can report his level of satisfaction.

Martinel Arredamenti obviously takes care of the after-sales. It is always available to the customer for every needs in the future, trying to put the customers satisfaction first.