Design services

Technology and digitization are now in everyone life and we want to start this new ONLINE DESIGN program.

We know very well that furnishing a home, a commercial space or renovating can be scary. That’s why Arredamenti Martinel puts at your complete disposal architects and interior designers with years of experience in the sector and in finding solutions!

Our design philosophy

The design of Arredamenti Martinel has been based for many years on 3 principles: BALANCE, PROPORTIONS and DETAILS having as foundation the relationship created and matured with the PERSON.

  • Design with BALANCE create a feeling of stability, it means of visually balancing objects. This balance is created not only through the shape, but also through the color and the different fabrics.
  • Design with PROPORTIONS: the relationship that exists between objects, which is fundamental for any type of design. A ‘game’ between the available sizes and the dimensions of standard furnishing elements and if necessary, a customs-made elements, to create a pleasant and relaxing environment.
  • Design with DETAILS: a careful selection is the appropriate choice of the furnishing style with colors and coatings, then it is the search for harmony and enhancement of the environment with those details, even small can give a complete distinction and satisfaction.

It’s that simple!
Here’s how it works…

Send us a floor plan with the measurements and position of doors and windows, any lowering or steps, position of sockets and drains.

(The file can be in dwg, pdf, jpeg, png)


Send us photos of the room so we can have a look of the kind of coverings there are and what kind of environment is there.


Tell us your needs, what you want to change and what you want to keep. Tell us your style (modern, minimal, industrial, Nordic, etc.), your tastes and what you would like to achieve! The more information you can give us, the easier it will be for us to satisfy your needs. What is important for us is to understand the budget you had in mind, in order to create a tailor-made project.


Choose the best package for you! The Martinel Arredamenti team will be able to create for you at 360 degrees a furniture for a home, a commercial space, offices, etc. ..



Do you only need some final advice on furnishings or finishes and would you like to ask one of our designers for their opinion and possibly some small ideas or solutions to a problem via email or telephone?


COOPERATION – When the ideas start to take shape


If you want to rely on one of our Architect or Interior Designer, to have the extra help, to create your living space with style and uniqueness, this is the solution for you!

Arredamenti Martinel is able to cover the furniture of all the rooms of the house and other private or public places.

Depending on your needs, we can send a 2D floor plan with overall dimensions, moodboard with photos of the selected furnishings with materials and finishes, furniture quotation, 2D, 3D drawing or possibly photorealistic render on request.

400,00 Euros

Don’t worry, this amount will be discounted at your order if you then proceed to purchase the furniture from Arredamenti Martinel!