Zafferano, where creativity and Italian design meet. Their products aim to be functional and decorative, as well as able to bring  emotions to life and make dreams come true.
The company is dynamic and creative, always aware of customer needs and market trends.

The elaboration of new proposals therefore arises from the combination of artistic taste, study of forms, careful attention to detail and choice of materials.  What sets Zafferano apart from any other brand is its artistic and cultural choice of materials, as well as its design expertise.  almost as if it was a craft workshop. Key factor in its brand identity is the development of innovative solutions in the name of design and functionality.

In addition to glass and tableware, Zafferano also extends to the lighting sector,  developing lighting projects and customised glass installations both indoors and outdoors.

The company specialises in:

- Tasting glasses, coloured glasses and porcelain, created to be functional, decorative and one of a kind.
- A wide range of portable and rechargeable lamps, so you can bring a lamp always with you.
- Decorative lighting for indoors and outdoors, designed for tailor-made projects.